The Team

Joel Cappelletto – Creative Director

– Joel is a passionate lifelong gamer, and former Sega nut. He is the keeper of the vision and director at Nebula Game Studios and on Ninja Exorcist,

handling game design, level design, art direction and sound direction. He is also a lifelong musician, handles outsource direction, and is a lover of all manner of games, especially action games and RPG’s. He is enthused about the recent upswing in old-school influenced games popping up on Steam, XBLA, PSN and the indie scene at large, and is super excited to finally share his version of it with the world after years of hoping to see it come to fruition. His favorite games are the Ninja Gaiden series, Shinobi series, Strider, Castlevania Series (Igavania!), Batman Arkham Asylum/City, SHMUPS (Cave games, Mars Matrix), Eternal Darkness, Wonderboy: the Dragon’s Trap,  and I’m sure a ton more he is forgetting. He is also hugely passionate about art and music, especially the likes of Alex Grey, Luke Brown, Luis Royo, Frank Frazetta, and bands such as Tool, Meshuggah, Pink Floyd, the Dwarves, the Mars Volta and tons more.

For more of Joel’s stuff, feel free to visit his personal website here:

Ameet Sharma – Technical Director/Composer

– Ameet is a not just an awesome programmer, but also an amazing musician, and all around nice guy. He wrote multiple excellent pieces of music that will appear on the Ninja Exorcist Episodes, but also built the entire engine, and pulled together all of Joel’s crazy designy ideas into a cohesive gameplay, AI, super game package.

Feel free to check out some of Ameet’s music at CD Baby:

Tanya and Devin – Composers/Sound Designers

– Making up an awesome team also known as Syntonic sound, Tanya and Devin have lent their impeccable and ever further proven talent to the Ninja Exorcist team. Composing all the haunting soundscapes, the beautiful theme and death theme, some crushing metal rhythms, as well as a flurry of amazing sound effects, look forward to some incredible things from this team in the furture.

Visit the Syntonic Sound website here:

Nebula Game Studios Art Team

– Comprising the other end, and one of the finest aspects of Ninja Exorcist is the art and animation team. Nebula Game Studios’ incredibly talented team of artists and animators provided a fresh and authentic Asian influence and authenticity to a team with culturally diverse backgrounds. Look forward to great things from Nebula in the future.


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