Sneak up on enemies and perform brutal stealth kills. The stealth-kill system is easy, rewarding and intuitive. Sneak by holding down-forward on the left analog stick, and gain ground with a nimble slide-dash by pressing Left Trigger while ducking and sneaking.

Enemies can see and hear you

We’ve done a lot work to make sure enemies in Ninja Exorcist feel more aware, and less mindless than any 2D action game we’ve played. Enemies have set vision distances and will actively search for the player. Ensure not to make noise, drop from low distances, and avoid running near non-aware enemies, and prey on their weakesses.

Kill Silently, without Mercy

When close to a non-alerted and unaware enemy, tap the B button to perform a stealth kill. Unlock further kills, to bludgeon unconscious enemies, fallen on their backs, take out airborne enemies, mid-flight, pull enemies down from unseen ledges, or even a satisfying death from above.


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