Skill Tree and Upgrades

Upgrades + Leveling + Skill Trees = RPG influence.

One of Ninja Exorcist’s crown jewels, is its deep branching skill tree of skill, stealth, and vicious upgrades. For each enemy slain, you gain experience. Slay enough enemies and you level-up. Each time you level, you get to unlock a new skill.

Three Paths, Mix and Match

Love combat? choose the skill path. Love the power and brutality of stealth? choose the stealth path. Want to wait it out and put all your points into the special branch? Its all about character customization and choice. Ninja Exorcist offers meaningful skills , that expand your character with Street Fighter type special attacks, grappling hook abilities, broader stealth kill choices and more.

Unlock Devestating Special Attacks

Taking a cue from games of the past. Here are some of the coolest unlockable skills in Ninja Exorcist.


Dive Kick – a Shinobi 3 inspired diagonal dashing kick.

Rising slash – Similar to SF’s Dragon Punch, but with a sword.

Blinding Dust – Throw mist-like dust into enemy eyes to render them temporarily blind and helpless.

Grapple Pull – Pull enemies towards you from a distance with your grappling hook.

Death from Above kill – Lunge your sword into thier head.

Sword Throw – Throw your sword straight into an enemies throat.


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