Freedom of Exploration

Freedom of Exploration

Ninja Exorcist also features lots of exploration. Taking a cue from greats such as Castlevania and Metroid, you will have fun finding secrets, and scouring the increasingly more-open ended levels for health upgrades, new weapons, and powerful upgrades, such as an amazing grappling hook that lets the player swing, leap and propel themselves to new areas.  Exploration will only be expanded in future Episodes.

Upgrades – Explore and find items such as an amazing and upgradable Grappling hook which lets you grapple, climb, swing your way to new areas, and even has upgrades such as the grapple pull, sword throw, and grapple kick.

Freedom – While Episode 1 starts off with an intuitive design, levels soon spread out into explorable open areas with numerous secrets and hidden items to find. An in-game map keeps players on track, and reveals itself as you reach new levels and areas. Feel free to even backtrack to claim missed secrets. Future Episodes will simply become more and more open, with more NPC encounters, even more cool abilities, and bigger, cooler levels with multiple paths.

Secrets and Items – Find health upgrades, new projectile weapons such as a bow and arrow, new swords that deal superior or play altering stats, and other cool items.


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