First, the controls, as seen above. Ninja Exorcist features a unique yet intuitive set of action controls, taking cues from a range of the best games. Featuring familiar button placement for weak and strong attacks, jump, movement, projectiles, and aiming, here are a few notable inclusions.

Directional Combat

– Inspired by sega classic Comix Zone, players can attack high, mid or low to defeat enemy defenses, or to create a breadth of custom combos by directing the left analog stick up-forward, forward, or down-forward while attacking. Players can also juggle enemies, performing every ground maneuver and combo in the air as well as using directional knockback to smash enemies up, down left, right, based on the direction they hold on the left stick.


– Eschewing the standard block ability, we chose to take after the amazing Bayonetta, and offer dodge/dash as the player’s main escape. Cancel out of any all actions by quickly dashing with a tap of the left trigger. This leaves player defenses up to skill instead of being forced to wait through oddly timed animations.

Abilities and upgrades

– Constantly expand your moveset through gameplay with powerful and awesome looking special attacks often inspired by fighting games such as Street Fighter, stronger attacks, grappling hook upgrades, and deadlier stealth kills.


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