Systems and Features

Ninja Exorcist features a deep set of gameplay systems, here are brief overviews of how each one works.


First, the controls, as seen above. Ninja Exorcist features a unique yet intuitive set of action controls, taking cues from a range of the best games. Featuring familiar button placement for weak and strong attacks, jump, movement, projectiles, and aiming, click HERE to view a few notable inclusions.


Sneak up on enemies and perform brutal stealth kills. The stealth-kill system is easy, rewarding, and intuitive. Sneak by holding down-forward on the left analog stick, and gain ground with a nimble slide-dash by pressing Left Trigger while ducking or sneaking. for more details click HERE.

RPG influence

One of Ninja Exorcist’s crown jewels, is its deep branching skill tree of skill, stealth, and vicious upgrades. For each enemy slain, you gain experience. Slay enough enemies and you level-up. Each time you level, you get to unlock a cool new skill. For more details, click HERE.

Freedom of Exploration

Ninja Exorcist also features lots of exploration. Taking a cue from greats such as Castlevania and Metroid, you will have fun finding secrets, and scouring the increasingly more open-ended levels for health upgrades, new weapons, and powerful upgrades such as an amazing grappling hook that lets the player swing, leap and propel themselves to new areas.  Exploration will only be expanded in future Episodes. More info HERE.

Ninja Exorcist is on Facebook!

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