Ninja Exorcist Ep.1 Available Now On Xbox 360 Indie Games

Ninja Exorcist sets sight on re-igniting dwindling software quality on XBLIG platform and provide XBLA style for a fraction of the price


Vancouver B.C. 2012/07/26 – Humble ninja, today marks the beginning of an epic descent into demon slaying and bloodletting, as Nebula Game Studios is excited to announce the release of the beautiful new action-stealth 2D adventure, Ninja Exorcist. Out now on the Xbox 360 Indie Games channel on Xbox live for the ridiculously low price of $1. Join us, and take control of Ninja prodigy Daigo, as he slashes, and stealth kills his way through hordes of demon enemies in the beginning of a journey inspired by Buddhist and Shinto mythology. Ninja Exorcist features hours of gameplay, 19 large stages, including awesome boss fights and many cool features.


Ninja Exorcist key features:

Authentic and beautiful art style

Hand-painted and hand-animated in full 1080p by the incredibly talented asian artists of Nebula Game Studios.

Deep Action-Stealth Gameplay Systems

Using an intuitive control method, purge demons with a smooth combo system, and take down the prey with multiple vicious stealth kills.

Branching Skill Tree and Upgrades

Obtain upgrades, such as a free-form grappling hook, or level-up and unlock greater air stealth kills, a knockout inducing headstomp, melee combat special moves such as the sword throw, rising slash, dive kick, and more.

Freedom of exploration

Experience increasingly open and larger levels, with branching paths, and the ability to back-track and find secret areas. Ninja Exorcist features 19 stages, including epic bosses and hours of gameplay with numerous hidden secrets, items, and some metroidvania inspired level design.


What the Critics are Saying

“Everything from the game’s music score to the artistic details that make it stand out are all presented in an XBLA worthy package….It’s not often that I get psyched about a game to the point that I immediately recommend it before posting my review ”

– OtakuDante – the Oni Express

“Nebula Game Studios has a gem on their hands…this could easily be one of my favorite indie games I’ve ever played…8.5/10”

– Short and Sweet Reviews


For All the Latest Ninja Exorcist Developments

Official Website:


Twitter: @NebulaGStudios



Launch trailer

User made Stealth Kill Gameplay


Box art and Screenshots

Download Screenshots:


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