About Ninja Exorcist

Big title update released!

Hey everyone,  good news, a big title update has just been released for Ninja Exorcist. So if you were waiting on fixes, or looking for a reason to dive back in, now’s a good time!

Here’s is a list of a lot of the changes. I’m sure we missed some, but this should give a good idea of how much work has gone into the update.

– Added Stealth Training mode (5 stages training you in various stealth skills)
– Refined stealth – greatly reduced Archer vision distance, can fall from higher distances without alerting enemies, can now wall-slide to ground without alerting enemies
– Replaced the Y button combo with a power, longer reaching Scythe attack attack
– Replaced uppercut attack with longer reaching and powerful Scythe attack
– Rising slash now performed: down-down-forward, forward + Y, and also does possible three hits of damage, much more effective for flying enemies.
– Improved enemy collision boxes
– Frame-rate and crash fixes, and dozens of other bug fixes
– Added numerous Enemy voice clips, and made all ninja enemy voices demonic sounding
– Updated mini-map with icons for spikes, different enemies, keys, locked doors, demon doors, and objective point markers
– Mini-map on by default now
– Pause menu map now has enemy locations
– Ninja Vision available right from the start, does not switch off when changing levels
– Overhauled level 1 art, took out spikes, added enemies
– Added graphical tutorials into the backgrounds of numerous levels of the gamein place of text tutorials
– Added skip buttons to all text areas
– Blocked off secret area in level 3 with exit is more obvious
– Added gate blocking off extra content areas until player finds an extra key, added extra area with key in cave
– multiple Sound FX fixes
– Toned down archers in many areas
– Added save points in areas where you might beat an area, explore, then jump off a cliff accidentally
– Adjusted levels so spikes are always noticably visible whenever possible
– Save points, tutorial scrolls, and NPC’s now auto-save/auto-open pop-ups when first walking into them, but require button press after that.
– Boxes now fall if boxes underneath are destroyed
– Player can now smash enemies through boxes

Ninja Exorcist Selected as Top game of July in Famitsu Xbox 360!

Huge thanks to the folks at Famitsu 360 in Japan. Famitsu is Japan’s biggest gaming mag, so it’s a huge honor to appear in their pages, and be recognized as something worth checking out.

Ninja Exorcist, out now on Xbox 360 indie games section!

Download HERE

Or on the Xbox 360 dashboard follow these pages in order:

– Main Dashboard

– Scroll over to the “Games” Section, and select “Games Marketplace”

– Scroll over to “Games” again, and select “indie”

– Select “New Releases” or “Title A-Z”

– And scroll until you find Ninja Exorcist!

** Alternately, from the dashboard, you can also press Y and use Bing Search to find the game.

Ninja Exorcist Episode 1 Launch Trailer

* Trailer Editing and Motion Graphics by Soren Johnstone

Ninja Exorcist is…

a brand new action side-scroller game from Nebula Game Studios.

Featuring intense combat, methodical stealth aspects and exploratory gameplay, Ninja Exorcist strives to seamlessly marry two of the most coveted features of Ninja games, with a deep upgrade system, gorgeous 1080p hand-painted visuals, buttery smooth animation, and an equally beautiful and haunting score.

Ninja Exorcist also features deep lore inspired by Buddhist and Shinto Mythology. Take on the role of Ninja Prodigy Daigo, as his world is completely upended on him. Discover the true nature of the seven realms of existence, and the truth about the mysterious great dragon who has appeared in the heavens, and seems to be uprooting demons in an attempt to extinguish life as we know it.

Please, explore the site, have fun, and feel free to let us know what you think.

Ninja Exorcist is on Facebook!

We are now on Facebook, please click the button below and and drop by for a visit:

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